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Cool Lipizzaner Facts

#1 Naming rules: Stallions need to have the name of the foundation stallion as the first part of their name and the dam must be the second part of their name. Mares are traditionally given names ending with an “A”. Because of this duplicate names are common and the horses are distinguished with Roman numerals after their names. Part bred Lipizzaners are not allowed to carry on with the naming traditions as the purebred horses.

#2 Lipizzaner horses have been endangered numerous times: With various wars being fought in Europe over the past 500 years, there have been numerous instances when the Lipizzaner breed was almost completely wiped out. Their continued existence is because of rescue efforts taken by US troops during World War II, Walt Disney documented these efforts in the movie “Miracle of the White Stallions”

#3 Today, eight foundation lines for Lipizzaners are recognized by various registries, which refer to them as “dynasties”. They are divided into two groups. Six trace to classical foundation stallions used in the 18th and 19th centuries by the Lipizza stud, and two additional lines were not used at Lipizza, but were used by other studs within the historic boundaries of the Habsburg Empire.

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Brown Lipizzaners are rare. However, it is a tradition of the Spanish Riding School to have at least one brown Lipizzaner in their stables at all times: they are thought to bring good luck. The South African Lipizzaners are blessed to have 3

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