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Get Involved
Lipizzaners bring joy, light and love into the lives of everyone who meets them. As a Non-Profit Company, without public support we would never have achieved a legacy of over 70 years in South Africa…and counting! Aside from coming to watch them perform, there are so many other ways to help us. Read below to see how you can join our herd.

We have an amazing team of volunteers at the South African Lipizzaners. Their help is invaluable to the successful running of each and every performance.

Our Volunteers help run our souvenir shop; our ticket office and sometimes help us backstage as well. Many of our volunteers have been with us for decades now, and we are so grateful to them all!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Contact Us

Student Program
We value dedication, passion and commitment above all else. The student program is intensive! What you put in is what you get out. Read More

My School Cards
Help support the South African Lipizzaners in a very simple way, at no additional cost to you!

Sign up to receive your My School Card, add the South African Lipizzaners as a beneficiary and your card will be delivered by you via mail. In this way, every time you shop at Woolworths or other retail outlets, a small percentage of the proceeds will be automatically allocated to us.

Do you already have a My School Card? You can add us as a beneficiary or change your beneficiary here

Small amounts really add up and My School Card proceeds go a long way in helping us care for our horses!

Horse Supporter Program

Every year Lipizzaner foals are born at the South African Lipizzaners. Dams and sires are selected with expertise and according to strict criteria regarding the horses’ character, build, intelligence and lineage.

You can now adopt either a Stallion, Mare and or foal for a minimum fee of R1000 per month, or be the proud supporter to sponsor the breeding of a mare at R5,000 (once off fee)

What is an adoption?
• Adopting a horse means paying a certain annual amount, earmarked for a specific project, for a foal or a school stallion or a mare.
• The donations are specifically employed to maintain the high breeding standards and the professional care of the horses.

Contact Us for a list of available horses and the costs involved.

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