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Conversano Cintra to Retire

Conversano Cintra to Retire

 Conversano Cintra 

A legend in his own right, Conversano Cintra is loved by all who come to watch him perform. In his younger days, he performed ridden items like the School Quadrille but he will be best remembered for parading around the arena pulling the carriage. He is a notable sire and his sons have all inherited his confident attitude and zest for life.

Conversano Cintra has touched many lives, none more so than those of his supporters, Mandy & Justin Keats. As we have been preparing for his retirement, they are frequently at the Centre spoiling him with his favourite treats. He will miss performing for the crowds, and he will be missed by his adoring audience!

We will be retiring Conversano Cintra from performances with a small ceremony during our ‘A White Horse Christmas performance this Sunday, 15th December at 14:00.

If your life has been touched by this gentle giant of a stallion, please come join us to celebrate all he has contributed to the SA Lipizzaners over the years! 😁