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A White Horse Christmas Success

A White Horse Christmas Success

Hundreds of visitors came to our opening Christmas performance of the 2019 festive season, and it was a HIT!

This year we decided to do something fresh and exciting. We collaborated with Carli’s Spanish Dance Productions to build a stunning performance balancing merriment, elegance and Christmas cheer. Our School Quadrille, the Grand Finale of the show was performed alongside the traditional Spanish Dancers with astonishing effect.

Artfully narrated by the charismatic Basil Worrall, the story of ‘A White Horse Christmas’ develops and unfolds with each item we perform. The inclusion of a story-line helps us captivate our younger audience members, and this particular narrative does not disappoint! Our 2019 Christmas performance has been tailor-made to satisfy all ages and we encourage you to bring your children and grand-children along for a truly memorable day out.

We still have 5 showings of our ‘A White Horse Christmas’ performance, so if you haven’t yet booked, book now to avoid disappointment!

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